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Send a Private Message via HoLMail

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There are two ways of contacting other registered users of Harringay Online personally:

This page deals with how to send a private message. For public messaging  please click on the link above.

Any information you add to a post and any messages/comments you leave on other members' pages are public and in theory can be viewed by anyone anywhere in the world.

There may be times when you may want to exchange messages with another member without publishing to the world, for instance if you want to exchange phone numbers or email addresses. (We don't recommend you exchanging personal information on the open parts of the site unless you're really sure you want to do so. We've never had a problem, touch wood, but it pays to think twice before you commit your personal information to the interwebs!).

So here's how to send a personal message to another member.

1. First, add a member as a connection

Go to the page of the member you want to send a message to by clicking on their name.

Then, towards the top left of their page, beneath their picture, click on "Send a Message":

You'll then see a little dialogue box explaining that you have to connect to the member before you can send messages:

You'll also see an option to "Include personal message". We recommend that you do that - just a quick explanation to say why you want to connect so they know you're not a mad stalker (but don't put your main message in at this point because the info in this initial contact info wont be saved. Once you're connected all messages will be caved in the recipient's inbox. but this first message won't be!).

To do that click on "Include personal message", then type a short message into the space and click "Add as a Connection":

An email will be sent to them to let them know you've requested a connection.

2. Message away using HoLMail

Once the other member has confirmed your request, you'll get an email to let you know. Then you can message away. Neither the other members nor site admin can see your messages. (But, do remember to send all replies to HoLMail messages online, direct from HoL's HoLMail system and not via email from your computer, or your messages do come to us since you'll be replying to a do-not-reply-to email address.)

3. To Use HoLMail

Go to your HoLMail page, via the link towards the top right of the screen:

Across the top of the page you'll see tabs for inbox, sent, etc. Each tab will link you to a page that will populate with messages once you start using the system.

On the right hand side is a "+Compose" link. To send a message, click that. You'll then be shown a blank message screen:

  • select the member, or members you want to send to by clicking the little box next to their name.
  • add a short title
  • type your message
  • click send - and you're away! (You'll see a briefly displayed message confirming that the message has been sent - and if you click on the sent tab, you should see your message displayed there.

Last updated: 12 December  2018

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