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Not Getting Your HoL Emails?

Some Registered HoL users have told us that they're not getting the emails we send out. Most problems seem to be fixed by the following steps. 

If you've tried all these steps and our pigeons still aren't getting through, please let us know via mail(at)harringayonline(dot)com.

1. Check your settings.

The first step in troubleshooting notifications is to make sure your settings are correct. Check your current settings by signing in, accessing your "Your  Page" and clicking “Settings” in the right hand column. Select the “Email” link on the left. Ensure that all boxes are checked for the notifications you want to receive. Your settings should look those in the diagram below. Ensure that the last box, which turns off all emails from Harringay Online, is deselected.

If all of these boxes except the last one are checked, HoL should be sending you notifications for every action described in this list.

If you've started or responded to a discussion, you should automatically get email notifications for new content added to those discussions. You can also opt into getting notifications for specific discussions by clicking on the “Follow” link that displays under the main reply box beneath the original post in every discussion. 

You can also opt into being notified for new discussions in any forum category or categories you're particularly interested in. Go the main categories page, select the category you're interested in then go the the bottom right of the page and click "Follow".

If you’re still not receiving notifications, head to Step 2.

2. Ensure that your email is not going to a spam or junk mail folder in your web-based email or email client.

Since Harringay Online may generate a number of messages to you, your email provider may think that these messages are unsolicited ”spam” email and block them completely. Depending on the service or client you use, HoL'smessages may be filtered to a folder called “Junk,” “Junk Mail,” ”Spam,” or even straight to your Trash folder. Check inside these folders to see if any messages sent from HoL are present. If there are any messages, make sure that you mark them as “Not Spam” or “Not Junk” so that your email client knows that future messages from your network are valid.

Once this is done, head to Step 3.

3. Ensure that the email addresses Harringay Online uses are not blacklisted in your email client, ISP or your company firewall.

Harringay Online sends email from 4 different addresses:

  • mail@harringayonline.com. This email address is for general messages such as comments on items you add, replies to forum discussions, and notifications that you have received a message.
  • do-not-reply@harringayonline.com. This email address is used for the Friday Ketchup newsletters as well as for notifications of new items.
  • share@harringayonline.com. This address is used when you share content with others. 
  • invitations@harringayonline.com. This address is used for invitations from other members on HoL. 

Make sure that none of these addresses are blocked by your email provider, ISP or company firewall.

You can also add these addresses to your trusted contact list (whitelist) to ensure messages sent from them are delivered correctly. The best way to whitelist HoL is to whiltelist the whole domain, i.e. @harringayonline.com, because we use a few different email addresses (the weekly newsletters and general notifications come from do-not-reply@harringayonline.com).

There's a different way of doing this with each email provider. So you’ll need to check with them / through Google search for how to do it for your provider. Here's an article covering the major email platforms  http://onlinegroups.net/blog/2014/02/25/how-to-whitelist-an-email-address/

Once you've whitelisted us with your mail provider, you'll also need to check that your email application, or virus software on your device isn't filtering out our emails to junk.

4. Change your email address to see if notifications arrive

As a last resort, you can change your email address to a new email address by following the same steps outlined here for changing your name (but evidently editing the email field).

Last updated: 28th September 2019


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