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Leaving Public Comments for Other Members

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There are two ways of contacting other registered users of Harringay Online personally:

This page deals with how to add a public message on another user's page. For private messaging, please click on the link above.

You can leave a public message for another registered site member on the member's page.

To reach a member's page, simply click, simply click on the member's avatar. (If you don't have a post to hand where they've recently commented, you can try our member search function.)

Once on another member's page, to leave a comment, scroll down the central central column until you reach their Comment Wall. Then simply type your comment into the blank text box and click on Add Comment.

If you're replying to a comment another member has left on your own page, simply click on "comment back" to visit that members page and leave your comment as described above. (If you reply by leaving a comment from someone on your own page the other member won't get an email alert telling them you've left them a message. 

Last updated: 12th December 2018


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