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When you join a group, you can choose to follow members or group forum activity. If you choose to, when someone joins the group or starts or replies to a forum discussion within the group, you’ll receive an email notification about it. This is a great way to keep up to date with groups you belong to and any activities happening within the group.


1. Notifications about New Members

If you want to get a notification whenever someone joins the group, click "Follow New Members".



2. Viewing all Discussions

To view all of the discussions in the group’s forum, below the Discussion Forum module click the “View All” link.


3. Notifications about New Posts

If you want to receive an email notification whenever someone posts a new discussion in the forum, after clicking the”View All” link, click “Follow” on the forum’s “All Discussions” page. If you want to get updates on responses to a specific discussion, click into that thread and click the “Follow” link at the bottom of the page.



4. Notifications about Replies to Discussions

If you comment on a discussion, you'll automatically get notifications when anyone else adds a comment to that discussion. If you don't want to comment but you still want to get notifications when anyone else adds a comment, click "Follow" under the original discussion. 



5. Stopping Notifications

Any “Follow” link you click will display “Stop Following” when that setting is in place. You can click the “Stop Following” link to stop receiving email notifications. 

If you choose to leave a group at any time, make sure to stop following any content in the group you have previously opted to receive notifications about.


Last updated: 14th June, 2012


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