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How to find stuff on HoL

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As HoL has grown there's an increasing amount of stuff. We're doing our best to make it as easy as possible, but finding things on HoL is still a bit of a curate's egg.

There are six main ways to find things on HoL:

  • Tabs and menus
  • Forum Categories & HoL Groups
  • HoL Search
  • HoL Tags
  • Navigation Menu
  • Member Search


Tabs and Menus

Tabs are towards the top of the page underneath our name banner:


Clicking the tab will take you to the main content for the area of HoL. The Resources and Public Services tabs are different. The content for these areas is accessed by the tabs' drop-down menus and clicking the tab will just refer you to those.

Hovering your cursor on a tab will show the tab's drop-down menu:



To access the content from any of the items on the drop-down menu, move your cursor down to the item and click.


Forum Categories & HoL Groups

If your search is quite broad in scope, you might find what you want by browsing through our forum categories and interest groups



There are two options for search on HoL.

First we have a box that gets Google to search just HoL for you. It's pretty effective. You'll find it some way down the left hand column of the home page.

We also have a native HoL Search feature. It's quite effective - but at admin we tend to use it as a fallback if the site-specific Google search hasn't come up trumps. It's right up there in the top right hand corner).



HoL Tags

Tags are added by the author of an item (forum post, blog, picture etc.) and when we have time, site admin chip in with some tagging of our own. Tags aim to group together like items through a very flexible system.

See About HoL Tags for how they work and how to use them and about the system's limitations.

See HoL Tag Listing for a list of HoL Tags (be warned this is a work in progress!)

Navigation Menu

Our site map is here.


Member Search

There's a quick search box for searching for members on the Members page (via the black tabs):



You can use this to search for members by name.

Last updated: 9th May 2018


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