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How to Embed Pictures within Forum Posts

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1. In the toolbar above where you've added your text, click the little picture icon:

2. Click Browse in the pop-up box:

3. Find the picture file you want to add on your computer, then click Choose or double-click the file:

4. You should then see the name of the file you've just uploaded in the File box:

It's possible to just click OK and if the faeries are with you, your picture should magically appear on the page. However, if you wish you can choose the position of the picture on the page by clicking the appropriate layout button. You can also add a url (web address) to link the picture to wherever you want. This link will become active when someone clicks on the picture.

6. If you want to edit the size of the picture, You have two options. First, click the picture, then  either:

a. Just drag the picture to the size you want by using the little square handles around the picture edges.


b Click the edit button that appears under the picture and enter the picture size you want ( measurement in  pixels - just experiment!).

Click OK. Breathe a sigh of relief, pat yourself on the back and let out a shriek of delight!



Last updated: 21st April 2012


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