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How to add documents to forum posts

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1. Add a reply as normal to a discussion thread. (If you're starting a new thread, skip straight to Step 4).

2. Add whatever text you want to.

3. Below the text box where you normally write, you'll see some hyperlinked text which says "upload files". Click on that.

4. A set of Browse buttons will be revealed. Click on the first of those:

5. You will then need to navigate through you own file system to find the files you want to upload. Once you've found them double click on the file you want to upload. (I'm doing this on a Mac so the chances are that your file system looks a bit different. Don't worry, apart from the appearance, everything else works the same).

6. The file name will then appear in the little window next to the Browse window. You can upload three files per reply. If you have another two files you want to upload, repeat the steps above using the next Browse button down. (If you've more than three files, you'll need to add another reply, repeating all the steps above - and below too of course).
Once you're finished click the Add Reply button and you're done.

7. You'll see the files as small icons within the reply.

Last updated: 13th February 2010


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