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Awards and Press

Harringay Online has been at the forefront of the development of community websites during the last decade. We're pleased that we've attracted so much notice nationally and even internationally because it all helps to spread the word about the neighbourhood!

Below is a flavour of some of the attention we've received including press, academia and awards.





"The gold standard for hyperlocal websites"
Urban Initatives, March 2012

"Harringay Online is an exceptional community website. It's astonishingly sociable active and informative"
Evening Standard, August 2012

If we had 5,000 Harringay on lines our society would be much richer.”
Matthew Taylor Chief executive, RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) in Comment 17 to "Can the RSA help close the digital divide?" April 2009 (comments page no longer live)

Which brings me neatly to Harringay Online, which I think is a stunning example of a modern day Community Protective Factor.”
Tessy Britton in Big Society: Social Capital, Community Protective Factors and Harringay Online Dec 2010

Really impressed by the Harringay Online Community. Perfect example for others to follow: http://bit.ly/15F2hY
Online Community guru Richard Millington on Twitter, March 21st, 2009

There is a growing number of online projects that seek to circulate specifically local information and put residents in touch with each other. Harringay Online is an exemplary site, featuring discussion forums, a blogging platform, a user search and event announcements.”
Thomas Neumark, RSA  (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) in Can TV be social?

If Coventry is the Facebook pin-up, the hyperlocal site that everyone looks to is HarringayOnline. This site has taken the best of social networks like Facebook, made it exclusive to a local community and added features that give it more value. I don’t want to list all the good stuff here, but it is definitely worth a visit.
The future is hyperlocal on socialmember.co.uk (website no longer live)

We’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last six months working in Fairstead, King’s Lynn as part of Local 2.0. We set about working with the local neighbourhood management partnership, which includes local people, to develop a hyperlocal website to get local people talking. Modelled on the phenomenon that is Harringay Online, it’s now up and running.”
Mandeep Hothi, Young Foundation in an article on Local 2.0 blog, The Hyperlocal Power Gap

Harringay Online is among the most impressive community websites I have seen
Dr Nancy Stutts, Ph.D., Executive Director, ConnectNetwork, Assistant Professor, Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginnia.

In my constituency, for example, the Harringay Online site is a fantastic example of an online community resource. People in the area come together to discuss everything from good and bad local cafes and building firms, to bringing local crime to the attention of their Safer Neighbourhood Team to advertising and debating a public meeting with me.”
David Lammy on Labour List, 16/01/09

"The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, today congratulated people who are using social technology projects for the benefit of their communities. Gordon Brown praised Harringay Online, a website to connect local residents with local issues". Colman Getty on NESTA's website (Link no longer working, but hey the PM praised us, so you betcha we're leaving the quote here!), 24/07/08


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