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Get your Business in the Conversation - Get a Sponsored Thread


Use the social features of Harringay Online to get your business in the conversation and reach thousands of locals in the N4, N8, N10, N15 and N22 areas from within the social part of the site.


What a sponsored thread gives you

With a Newsagent's Window ad in the forum, you get right in to the conversation with the community. As long as it's decent you're free to post what you want and respond as you wish on your sponsored thread. There are no limits on the number of words, neither are there any time limits.

In addition to the onsite engagement, your thread will also:

  • be included in the next weekly Harringay Online e-mail newsletter after initial posting.
  • be tweeted within an hour of posting.
  • appear on our Facebook page within an hour of posting.
  • remain available to members for a minimum of one year.

Do remember you're on a social network. The hard sell probably won't work best. Here's a few pointers:

  • Show your personality, have fun and engage
  • Invite interaction and seek opinions
  • If you can, be interesting /original / creative / eye catching / funny
  • Be responsive when you get replies.

If you'd like to take your profile and range across the site more widely, and upgrade to interacting on other threads, it's worth considering one of our business promotion packages.

Some of our advertisers find that featuring in our newsletter is what works for their particular business. So, after you've added your first thread, you can boost it by getting it featured in newsletters after the first week. 


Three Simple Steps

1. Simply click through to Paypal below.

Pay for your Newsagent's Window Ad and join the conversation now



2. Although we'll be notified of your payment by Paypal, it's not always possible to tie that in with your ad. So, to make sure that your thread isn't removed by site admins as spam, just drop us a quick email at ads[at]harringayonline[dot]com to let us know that you've made a payment and the member name under which you'll be posting your sponsored thread.

3. Then, simply head back to HoL and just add your post in the forum. To enable us to pick up on your posting for the newsletter, please add it to the Local Businesses & Services Talking category. As long as you've sent us an email, we will head on over and place a discreet but clear identifier at the bottom of your thread so people know the posting isn't spam.

To keep these posts separate from non-advertising content, we don't allow tags on posts in this category.


Harringay Online reserves the right to remove any advertisements which do not conform to our standards of decency.




Last updated: 4th October 2016



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