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Events Posting Policy

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We want as many local events included as possible and to make sure that the site is as useful as possible, we have a little guidance on posting events.

Events Lasting over several days

Most events are just for one or two days. However people also want to post longer event sometimes. The way the website software is designed means that events which run over several days or weeks hog the top spot in the front page forthcoming events summary - and that frustrates posters of shorter events. So, if you want to list an event that lasts for longer than two days, please observe the following guidance:

  • If the event is for one week or less, add it as a two day event point out in the body of the entry what the duration is.
  • If the event is for longer than a week, please add a one-day entry for the first day of every week your event is running and again you can point out in the body of the entry what the duration is.

You can easily copy an event and change just the date information. Please see here for guidance on how to copy your event.

Events as Adverts

We allow postings that are advertising genuine events which are pay-to-participate for commercial gain, but please observe our guidance about postings over two days. And, please remember, we're a community siet that relies on donations to survive. So please think about making a donation to help us keep going.

We do not allow ANY services to be advertised in the events section. Unless it's a genuine event, please don't list it in events. For the site's general policy on events please see our Promoting your Business page.

Last updated: 3rd April, 2015


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