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Controlling emails from Harringay Online

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We want you to stay in touch but we don't want you to feel bombarded. So here's how to keep the mails to a manageable level.

1.To control your email, go to your 'Settings' page.

In the top right hand of most pages, click 'Settings'.


On the left of your 'My Settings' page, click Email


You then have a range of options

2. You can also control whether or not you get updates on a particular discussion on a discussion by discussion basis.

If you start or contribute to a discussion, you will automatically be sent updates on it, acording to the settings you have made on your email settings page. If you have chosen to get emails on discussions you have started or contributed to, you can opt out of particular ones that no longer interest you.

At the bottom of the page of any discussion you contributed to you will see a stop following link. Click it et voila; no more mails on that one.

3. Weekly updates are generated via 'Messages sent to the Whole Network'. If you would like to stop receiving them just uncheck that option. This means you won't get any messages we send to the whole network including occasional alerts.

Last updated: April 17, 2012


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