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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Donating to Harringay Online

Whilst most of the cost of the site is the time we spend on it, there are nevertheless costs to be financed. We welcome any contributions to help us keep doing what we're doing.

You can donate direct to the group's bank account or through Paypal.


Note 8th April 2015 - We are just changing our Paypal account and cannot accept payments via Paypal until that transfer is complete. Please contact us if you need to make a payment.

Direct into the Harringay Online Bank Account

If you don't like the idea of Paypal, drop us a line at donations[at]harringayonline[dot]com and we'll send you our bank details so you can pay your donation direct to the groups bank account.


If you'd like to know more before doling out your hard earned cash, message us at donations[at]harringayonline[dot]com, or, if you prefer, raise a question on the open forum.

Last Updated: February 13th, 2012


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