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Adding Events

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When you add an event, you'll see a number of features. Here are a few notes on what to do with each.

RSVP - by default an event is RSVP which means that people can indicate if they're going to attend the event you post. You, or other members, can also invite people to the event via the event posting. OR you can tick Disable RSVP which means that you're only listing an event. The invitation/attendance function will not be activated. (See also Commenting on an event)

Privacy - by default events are public. This means everyone can see an event. If RSVP is enabled, it also means that everyone can RSVP and invite people to the event. OR you can make an event private which means only invited people can see it and, if it's RSVP, invite and respond.

Commenting on an event - if you make your event RSVP, all members will be able to leave comments on the event posting once they've indicated whether or not they're attending, whatever their answer. If you disable RSVP, no comments can be left.

Event Image - An image is not required, but events with pictures attract more attention. The space for an image is square. Any image you add that isn't already square will be squeezed or chopped to fit. To control your image, use your picture editor to square it off where you want or add white space to square it. In the absence of an event image not being added, Harringay Online's default image will appear.

Event Type - please copy and paste the event type given from the options below the event type box. Include inverted commas where they are shown. If none of the existing descriptions are adequate, please add your own. To keep phrases with multiple word from breaking up, put the phrase in inverted commas, e.g. "garden party".

Start/End time - the maximum period is two days (See Events Posting Policy below). End time is optional (and usually helpful).

Posted by - Your name will be entered by default. You may change this name if you wish.

Editing Events

To edit and event, go to the event page, click the edit button and edit away:

Last updated: 3rd June, 2011


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