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Adding an image to your events listing

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1. On the Add an Event page or in edit your event page, navigate to the image section and click the small camera icon


2. Click on the little round button next to "Upload an image from your computer". A little black dot will appear in the button to confirm it has been selected. Then click on the browse button:


3. This will launch your computer's file management system. Navigate through that to locate the image you want. Double click on the image file name. You will see the file name appear in the little box next to the browse button you clicked a little while back (In fact, it's likely you'll see just a part of the file name, since it's just a wee box.). Click on Done and that's it:


4. By way of confirmation you'll see that the word NEW appears in area next to the small camera icon you clicked at the start of the process.

If you're editing, go to the bottom of the page and save. If you're adding a new event, continue to add the rest of your details, then save.

Last updated: 5th November 2010


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