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Tagging (indexing or classifying your posts)

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Tags help us all find stuff on the site by linking simular things together. If you're not familliar with the term, think of it as classifying or indexing your posts. Even if you never search using tags, other people do. SO it is worth spending a few seconds more to tag your posts.

Since this is a voluntarily run site. however, we have no team of elves running round tagging posts. We do some from time to time when there's a specific issue we want to link stuff around, but in the main it'll only work if people tag their own posts.


What's a tag

Tags are single words or two or three word phrases that help identify a post and link it with other simillar posts. It might be carpenter or ally pally, for example.

When to tag

You can add a tag or tags at the time you add your post. There's a box under the main text box:


You can also add or change tags on any of your own posts at any time after you've posted. Click as shown below and add or edit your tags in the little box that will appear just below where you 've clicked.


Tag format

Tags MUST be all lower case. For some silly reason the platform design won't link tags with different cases!

If you want to use tags with more than one word, like ally pally, use double quotation marks, so for ally pally, enter "ally pally".

What tags to choose

Obviously it's your tag, so you can choose whatever tags you want. Of ourse it's better if you can choose ones that are already used. You can see the most commonly used tags on our Tag Listings page (see next section). If you're adding a trades and services post, you can see which tags are used on our Trades and Services Listing page.

HoL Tag Listings

See our current tag listings here.

Searching tags

Sadly the platform provider currently offers no tag cloud or accessible tag database for our site. Here rae three ways you can search using tags.

Currently three ways:

1. Go to the area of the site you're interested in, find an item with the tag you want and click on it, Remember tags for forum posts, blogs, pictures etc. aren't linked. You need to search each area of the site separately.

2. Use the Tag Listing page, to see if it contains the tag you want.

3. Search by url. By using the 'Tag Search url roots' below and adding in your search terms, you can find any tags you want. But, again, remember you'll need a different search for each part of the site. So, for example if you want to search the forum on the tag parking, copy the Tag Search url root for the forum from the next section, paste it in to your browser bar (making sure you're not including the inverted commas) and add in 'parking', like this:





Where you have a tag with more than one word, use '+' between the words, e.g. for 'parking fines':


Tag search url roots

For the forum: "http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topic/listForTag?tag=[tag]"

For blogs: "http://www.harringayonline.com/profiles/blog/list?tag=[tag]"

For groups: "http://www.harringayonline.com/group/[groupname]/forum/topic/listForTag?tag=[tag]"

Tags across the site not linked

The tags from different areas of the site aren't linked. So, for instance, a tag for 'the salisbury' used in the forum areas won't link to items with the same tag in blogs, pictures, events or anywhere else on the site. Dumb! We're glad to report that this limitation doesn't apply to the fairly decent site search function.


Last updated: 12th April 2012


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