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A Harringay Timeline

Note: The service upon which we based the Harringay Timeline has now ceased. Some of it can still be accessed via The Wayback Machine, but it is no longer a fully functional tool. The following notes refer to the former fully functioning tool.

The timeline can be used in the timeline form, as a list or as a flipbook. Make your selection at the top left of the box.

The timeline view can be expanded and collapsed by using the "+ / -" slider at the left of the box OR by clicking on the "+" signs just above the date line. You can move through time by dragging the slider below the dateline or using the arrows at the ends of the slider bar.

If you'd like to see the timeline a bit wider, click the link below the timeline box.

To stay informed of any new items added, click through to the same link and select follow, just above the box.

Harringay's History on Wayback Machine (originally on Dipity).

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See also Telling Harringay's Story - about the writing of the first ever History of Harringay.




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