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"I remember it as a surreal image, these silent masses trudging........."

Snippet from a London memories site:

That was the name of the nearest tube station and the big pub on the corner of Green Lanes and Seven Sisters Road. There were often quite brutal and bloody fights there late at night. I often saw blood and broken glass on the pavement in the morning when I went to fetch the newspaper. On Thursday nights there used to be Greyhound Racing down the road at Harringay Stadium. It drew tremendous crowds who would pour out of the underground station at 5 or 6 o’clock and pour back later, about 10 o’clock. All the men and seemed to be dressed alike in raincoats and caps or trilby hats. They all carried a newspaper or the programme, called the "Altcar", I think.
I remember it as a surreal image, these silent masses trudging on their way in the gloom of the gaslights, on foggy evenings.

The shops down Harringay

There was a government surplus shop that sold electrical stuff near Bentalls the toy shop. At the back of the shop was the lending library where Dad would get his books from.

The fish shop with the overhead wires that sent the money from the counter to the lady on the cash desk.

United Daries milk float drawn by a horse. And the baker’s delivery vehicle was a battery driven cart that the salesman walked in front of and controlled it with a handle.

Steam lorry that delivered the coal.

Read more at London Childhood Memories (Edit: Original site no longet available - link now points to saved page at Wayback Machine)

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I love the snippet about the Stadium, so atmospheric. Thanks for digging it up, Hugh.
It also is a good example of how evocative even a tiny memory can be. Please anyone who has even these tiny specks of memories, share them with us!



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