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Many thanks to another ex-Harringaeite from the ether out there, Roy Smith. He has very kindly sent me a copy of what I guess what the equivalent of the Yellow Pages, listing all the shops in Green Lanes, by number - even showing the road breaks.

If you're feeling a little nerdy, nerd away 15 mins browsing through it and recreate Green Lanes 1948 in your head.

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Really enjoyed reading this. Pinpointing where you are made easier with useful signposting of the streets. Takes you back to a more genteel time where you could buy your baby buggies from Cavendish Bassinette Stores Perambulator Dlrs (431), your booze from a 'wine and spirit merchant', have a browse in Tromey Owen booksellers (425), eat in the Draper Geo Dining Rooms (341), and pick up a bunch of flowers from Miss Florence Rose florists (453).
Interesting nerdy fact part 2
There has been a chemist at number 4 Grand Parade since 1901

Chemist, 4 Grand Parade

According to the Kelly's Directory in 1901 the chemist is called William Ellis.
By 1912 Joseph Pirie has taken over and is still there in 1939. I notice that in 1948 Mr Pirie is still listed as the chemist.
Having looked at other records for 1901 and 1912 (don't ask, just nerd stuff) it is also interesting to see that the milliner at number 10 Grand Parade in 1912 Miss Annie Vaughan was still there in 1948 although now known as Mrs Anne Vaughan. The call for a milliner no doubt disappeared in the 60s when ladies no longer needed hats to be 'decent'

Number 9 Pearks the dairy which started out listed as a grocer in 1912 and in 1901 was listed as Pearks, Gunston and Tee Ltd and Deacock at number 8 is listed in the 1912 directory also as a provision merchant.

Sanders (brothers) the corn merchants listed at number 12 Grand Parade where the Ladbrokes is now was also there from Grand Parade's beginnings, listed in the 1901 directory.

Eastman's the butchers listed at 6 Grand parade was listed in the 1912 directory.

Seems to imply lots of long established high street businesses, family owned and no doubt passed down or sold on with the name and good will attached.

Feel a slightly heavy sigh coming on that what replaced these shops are betting shops, estate agents and travel agents with the only useful shops being the splendid Adali and the chemist. The barbers I believe is also v good but looking at a picture today of that small part of parade makes you feel sad about what we have lost.

(yes, yes, supermarkets, choice, value for money, blah blah, but no soul)
Thank you Roy Smith and Hugh. What a trip down memory lane!

I've just seen the long-forgotten names of my 1948 doctor, dentist, chemist and the Sunday School I went to (Christian Mission Centre on the corner of Fairfax) Feeling quite overwhelmed!



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