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I think I will go to Wood Green
Where the toffee-apples grow,
And in the darkling green wood
See the pear-drops glow.
I will build a house of almond-rock,
And fence it all around
With stout sticks of barley sugar
Planted in the ground.
I will bore for a spring of mineral wafer
Warranted to contain  No " deleterious matter "
To bring a morning pain.
I will have a floor of chocolate bars
And a Turkish delight settee ;
And Barratt shall put me to bed at night,
And Co. shall wait on me.

Thomas Burke, writer and journalist reminds us that in 1921 Wood Green was the home of Barrat and Co. purveyors of confectionary to the Empire

"...when one thinks of the thousands of dingy shop-windows in dingy by-streets of London that are made lovely by the wares of the Barratt family, so that they become very heavens to the starving eyes of little girls and boys, the stupendous vision of beauty that Wood Green has given to the metropolis leaves one breathless. Well I remember the little sweetstuff shop where I could lay out my weekly penny in farthing's-worths of the wares of the Barratts. Sumptuously stocked was its window with coloured delights in neat wooden boxes, the inside of the lids blazing with " Barratt & Co., Wood Green, London," in multi-hued lettering. There one would linger for perhaps half-an-hour, discussing with a friend whether Barratt was at his best in his "all-sorts" at four ounces the penny, or whether his "clove-sticks " at a halfpenny each might not prove the more enduring."

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Great post - My dear old nan used to work at this factory, this is where my love for Liqorice Allsorts came from.

Liquorice Allsorts were made by BASSETT'S and I love them too!

Barratts were shoes, weren't they ?


No Barratts were founded in Islington in 1848. On Mayes Road from 1880 until the mid-1970s?

were famous for 'yellow' Sherbert Dips Fountains with a licorice stick, as well as nougat.

Later became part of the Bassetts Group.

See also this picture from Richard of a Barratt medallion issued for the 1911 Coronation.



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