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I'd like to recommend a book I've just been reading on 19th Century London: Jerry White: London In the Nineteenth Century


It's a social history and is one of those books that are hard to put down until read through. BTW, it's now available in Paperback too.

I hope I'm not telling you something you already know, but being an "ex-pat" I don't come across books on London everyday at my local bookstore.

If you have any recommendations on other books etc., on local issues I'd be pleased to hear about them.

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I'm replying to this discussion so that it gets a mention on the front page of the site:

Jerry White also wrote a fascinating history on Campbell Road, Islington (Finsbury Park). "The worst street in North London".

My ancestors lived on this street, which was overwhelmingly populated by "first generation Londoners" former agricultural labourers, who came mostly from the Baldock, Herts area and had literally followed the railway into London. Settling around the first station "in the smoke".
I was at the "Greetings from Finsbury Park" exhibition on the weekend (& muchas gracias to the person on this site who mentioned that it was on) and in addition to some delightful old Ordnance Survey maps of Harringay & the surrounding area, they had a few resources for local history, including a book which was about Finsbury Park, and a photocopied collection of sheets which had a really detailed list of places/books/institutions/websites you could go to if you were interested in local history around the area.
@Empyrean aisles.. Do you have some more details of the websites?

I find this site can help and can be a lot of fun: It also includes all Greenwoods/motco maps, as well as a "Hornsey in 1819" map..
Sorry - I only flicked quickly through the publication and didn't take in any of the details. My impression is that it was put out by a local history group. Sorry I can't be any more specific than that, but perhaps if someone who's gone to that exhibition remembers more than me, they could post a more helpful reply!
We're also discussing this topic in the Books group (which everyone in this discussion is already in, of course!)



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