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Does anyone recall the Harringay Market Building that was apparently adjacent to the Arena?

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No Hugh, was this an outdoor market? It must have happened after I left England in 1965. I do remember a tunnel adjacent to the Arena. We would walk through it, as it was quiet large. Then I would stop and sing a Doris Day song, "Once I had a secret love." My voice echoed in there, and I just liked the sound of it. Isn't it strange the things we get up to when we are young!!!

I'm not sure. I've come across it a few times and can never find anything out about it. Came across it today in a 1960 copy of The Times - an article referring to the acquisition of the Arena and adjacent Harringay Market building by The Home & Colonial Stores.
I do remember a market being there, behind the petrol station reached via the entrance at Endymion Road. I never went there myself, but I think that it was open on Saturdays and have always had a vague re-collection that it was also a fleamarket, although I can't be sure.
Thanks Steve.

Prior to the latest redevelopment, there was also still a factory behind the petrol station. I read about a sausage factory in Harringay. Could that have been it?
There was definately a market there, my mum and dad moved to Harringay in the late 70's and my mum's mentioned it on several occasions. I'm not sure what type of market it was but i recall her telling me she bought a winter jacket there. Will try and find out more
Sorry, I have no recollection of the Harringay Market Building. I suspect it wasn't there in my time, 1923-33. But I will follow correspondence on the subject with interest.
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I don't recall hearing anything about a market building. That would have been up to the early 60s. Perhaps it was there later.

Hugh, Ibeleive there was a market after the arena and stadium closed, and before demolition but it was just outside.The tunnel I believe Meryl O'Neal mentions was the entry to the stadium at nearly the bottom of Stanhope Gardens it is now bricked up, it goes under the railway.This entry is at the bottom of a small cul de sac can'nt remember the name further on from portland gardens.

Thanks Rowena - you might be interested in seeing what's come of the tunnel today.



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