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Does anyone remember Alpha House School in Seymour Road?  It was in the house right before the alleys, on the left-hand side looking up towards Wightman Road, and was also known as 'Miss Wainwright's School.'  It was, I think, a sort of church school and may have been affiliated to St Paul's.

The classes were small and all ages taught between kindergarten and secondary level.  In fact, I recall we were all taught in one room!  I was there between the ages of 3-7, roughly 1945 to 1949, when I was transferred to South Harringay Primary, perhaps because Alpha House closed down, I don't quite remember.

Anything in your archives, Hugh?

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Sorry - just saw this - after having noticed mention of this school here

Thanks, Hugh.  Trisha Manning learned of the school from me.  She didn't remember it herself but did some research and wrote to me as follows:

"In my never ending thirst for tidying up loose ends I found Alpha House records on the LMA site (London Metropolitan Archives) yesterday!!  Another family history place.  They have old photos, groups of schoolchildren and teachers circa 1900.  Not that I'm suggesting you'd be in those ha ha but worth a look.  Apparently it was under the auspices of St Paul's Burgoyne Road, so a church school." 

There were a few old photos on this site but I couldn't find any of the Harringay school.  I have quite a clear memory of the school and a friend who grew up with me in Seymour Road remembers it too.



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