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Times now posted by Network Rail late Wednesday evening, better than last Friday's run.

See https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/search/detailed/gb-nr:KGX/2023-06-...

[That's all I know as of Wednesday 0800.

It's the start of a five day trip to Edinburgh and Aberdeen, 'The Flying Scotsman Centenary Weekender' - details here. No Flying Scotsman for the return on Tuesday. As this is a one-off I can't look back at previous years for guidance where many trips are repeated year on year.

I'm hoping that this link -

- will start to give the accurate times on Thursday, or at 6 a.m Friday like last week. Last Friday's trip times were only posted at 0540, two hours before departure at 0750.

Information is still being withheld from the usual sources. I'll update the title if I get an official time].

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If anyone had got Realtime Trains Info last week they'd have seen that the Flying Scotsman had come from depot through to Hornsey and then reversed to its train at Kings X. So 2 light engine passages through Harringay at about 7.10. I shall look out for this when I wake at 6 am on Friday!

Alarm clock at the ready then, 0659 1/2 at Harringay with the empty coaching stock:


0755 or so for the excursion proper.

Change of route, and now 0712 at Harringay with the ECS. Was first routed via Crouch Hill and the Harringay Curve.

Scotsman at 0659 on the Goods Line through Harringay last Friday, before reversal at Hornsey and over the viaduct to King's Cross. A bit of exhaust steam at that hour; on the actual excursion run an hour later the exhaust was clear.

For those noticing that the cab roof is now painted white, it's because it took the Royal Train the length of the North York Moors Railway on June 11th. This 'Yorkshire Post' article about the whole exercise is rather good, I can't see any railway bloopers in the information:


As far as I know, painting the cab roof of a royal train locomotive white was sole "trade mark" of Stratford loco depot. Being the principal depot and works of the former Great Eastern Railway, Straford supplied the locomotives for royal trains to and from Sandringham. Indeed, a Stratford based, LNER B17 loco was named "Sandringham".

If the Royal Train entered Liverpool Street, the Lord Mayor was required to be present to welcome or see off the royal party. If the royal travellers wished a low key journey, it was to St. Pancras that they would go. The route from St. Pancras was to Kentish Town, Highgate Road, Upper Holloway to Harringay on the Great Northern route to Cambridge, or continue to Tottenham and join the Great Eastern route there. The section from Highate Road to Tottenham was jointly owned by both the Midland and Great Eastern railways. Unfortunately, both the curves at each end of the line that the royal train would have used have both been closed and lifted. The site of Stratford loco depot and the locomotive and carriage works now lies beneath the Olympic Park.

I hadn't noticed the white roof, will try to get a good shot tomorrow. Was surprised by the FS taking the fast road through Harringay.

Well, well. Taken at 0725. Read on...

Taken at 0820.

Cracking pair of passes to reverse into KX at Harringay this morning.

Coming up through Harringay front and back

Reversing down the Goods Loop from the flyover.



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