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Several baby giant houseleeks (Aeonium valverdense) to give away

Grown from seed, more than I need!

These are young and small at present but over a decade they can reach up to 2ft tall and similar width in optimum conditions.

Currently less than 1cm high though.

Will tolerate hot, sunny conditions well and thrive on infrequent watering. Nice stripe on the leaf is already well developed.

Be sure to provide good drainage (a pot with holes at the base, ideally lifted off the ground slightly to allow water to drain away, and a free-draining succulent or cactus soil such as a sandy compost mix).

Native to the Canary Islands.

Pretty cool and unusual succulent for your collection and one to nuture over the years.

Collect from Stanhope Gardens.

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Hi! I would love one. Thank you. Will send you connection request. 

Hi Sophie, I’d love one too if you still have any. Will pm you.



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