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About 18 months ago, I bought a trumpet pitcher. Last year it was okay but not excpetional. This year, it has produced the strangest of flowers and a few new trumpets.

I've read that you're supposed only to give it rain water. There seem to be many forums with folks waxing lyrical on the subject. But, back in the real world, so far (touch wood) my sarracenia seems to be doing well enough on tap water. I guess it's been catching enough insects to keep it happy enough to flower. Does anyone have any first-hand experience of keeping one in our neck of the woods? What have you been watering yours with?

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Hello Hugh, I keep a few of these, as well as some Drosera (sundews). I only ever give mine rain water, and when that runs out, distilled water you can buy from a shop. Failing that, water condensed from a dehumidifier will also do. 

That flower looks normal, it appears before new pitchers, so that pollinators can do their thing, without falling victim to the pitchers.

The plant will probably do ok for a while on tap water, but London tap water is not great, and it will slowly kill the plant. So I'd advise not to use it.

Thanks Graeme. Your plant certainly looks very healthy. Which subsp is it?

Actually there are 3 kinds in my 'mini-bog', 'Judith', 'Leucophylia', and a bronze 'Flava'. Also in there are some purpurea, and Drosera anglica and Drosera binata. They all survive the winter outdoors.

Mine seems happy outdoors. It's a flva, var, ornate Apalachecola Florida, if that means anything to you. 


I've been growing them successfully for the past 4 years using only rainwater: I haven't wanted to risk losing them with tap water. However, this spring I divided them and are now growing some as a marginal in my pond. The pond water will be very nutrient rich, what with all the goldfish poo and decayed leaves etc. So far though, the ones in the pond are growing better than those in rainwater. Whether that'll last or not, only time will tell...

PS If you'd like to see my sarracena- and much else besides- I am opening my garden again as part of the NGS scheme on Saturday 4th & Friday 5th June. Come and escape the Jubilee nonsense for an hour or two. https://ngs.org.uk/view-garden/29676/

Thanks Alan. I visited your very fine garden last year. 

So then, rainwater seems to be the consensus. I guess that means I'll need to fit a rainwater barrel, unless there are any other bright ideas

As a stopgap till you're able to set up rainwater collection, that well known garden centre Halfords sells deionized water: £4.50 for 5 litres.



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