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Rambling rose - white/very pale pink - anyone interested?

I "accidentally" planted what turned out to be a rambling rose just under my bay window and as lovely as it was last year (pretty much covered the whole window and had so many flowers that people were stopping to look) - it is not the right place for it.

It has been cut right down so should be easy (ermmm) to dig out by someone who knows what they are doing and has a nice place for it in their garden.

If anyone is interested and has the tools/knows how to dig it out, please let me know?

This weekend would be ideal... It is a really beautiful rose just wrong place for it to grow/spread.

Please note this is NOT a climbing rose, this is a rambling rose :)

I am on Florence Rd, N4.


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Hi Anka, I'd be quite keen on this! Could come and get tomorrow 


I'd be up for the seeds too if noone else wants those!




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