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Good Morning, 

Wondering if anyone has a garden shredder I can borrow for a day. Happy to consider buying a pre loved one if available. 

I only need it for few hours so buying a new one doesn't make sense. 



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I shall send you a private message.

Thats great. Please do when you can

I will also reply privately. D

Thats great. Please do when you can

Hi Ray. I bought this shredder to clear brambles and don't really need it now and happy to sell for £20.

Regards. David

Hi there,

I have the same question :) Please may I borrow a garden shredder for a few days?

If so, it would be great to have a quick explanation of how to use it. Hoping it can be transported easily as I don't have a car..?

Thank you in advance - I have some little tomato plants I could offer in return :) 


I have one that I acquired from a great chap above. I had it serviced and done a great job getting rid of some shrubs. I am now looking to pass it on. I can deliver it of you are local. Chk inbox

Thanks Ray, will message you.



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