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A neighbour kindly gave me two of these small plants with spikes on their leaves. Can anyone identify it for me?

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Teasel leaves

Looks like primrose (primula) to me.

I thought that but they don't have spines in the leaves

I don't think it's Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum) Teasel leaves are much more pointed: 


The upper surface of the leaves looks very like Bristly Oxtongue, Picris echioides but the upper leaves of that, at least are pointed (what you have here are the rosette leaves, which can be different, and I can't find a pic of those). I any case Picris is not a garden plant, so I don't know. Wait till it flowers, then it should be much easier to identify  

I’m guessing it’s spearmint. Have you rubbed & sniffed the leaves?

To me it looks like very much like the weed bristly oxtongue which I am forever removing at the allotment!

Thank you all. I thinks the teasel vote has it.

A picture on the Highbury Wildlife Garden website shows a plant with leaves of a shape that closely resembles those on the one I have, but perhpas a little less spiky on this case.

The donors have just planted a wildflower meadow. So this makes sense. 

They look great when mature and are loved by bees, but apparently can be quite invasive. So I'm not sure about planting these!



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