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I’ve just been planting some Cyclamen Hederifolium and came across these tiny bulbs. The only thing I can think they might be would be snowdrops, but I’m sure we don’t have that many snowdrops. Does anybody know what they might be? Apologies for the photo. There are some stones mixed up in there as well. The bulbs I’m interested in are like the ones in the middle and on the right of the picture with a slightly hooked pointy end.

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Hello Hugh. They could just be immature/new bulbs that have become separated from the original one of for example snowdrops. Or they could be something like ipheion (spring starflower) if you have some planted in that area? The great mystery will be solved if you plant them solo in a small pot and then hopefully nature could reveal what it is!

I think they’re tiny Klingons Hugh!! Waiting to grow..

Seriously, it’s very hard to guess. Maybe plant three in a pot and see how they grow. Isn’t gardening fun?

Sorry - i meant Klangers …

Goodness - two extraterrestrial species!  :-))

Thank You Mig and Sally. I put 'em in a pot and see what emerges. If it's Klingons or Klangers, Sally, I'll save a couple for you!



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