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4 garden plants looking for a home with someone green fingered - all together - REHOMED NOW

I have 4 garden plants that I clearly can not look after - or they do not like me.. looking for a home

  • large fushia that starts great in the spring and then dies on me before even flowering
  • lupin that snails demolish every single year
  • young devil tears that is actually healthy and grew nicely from cuttings - should have flowers next year
  • honeysuckle - young one but I realised I have nowhere to plant it to be honest

So if anyone wants them and can bring some containers to transfer them to before taking away - please let me know... Stroud Green area

They are all in my back garden in pots , large pots - which I want to keep. Or you can take them with pots as they are to replant later but I would need £10.00 for the pots they are in so I can replace them.




Devil's Tears

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I'm super keen on these. Happy to pay for the pots as well. If possible please text me on 075 6352 9586. X Naima 



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