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I am currently self isolating as a precaution. But I have a toothache, and cannot find a shop selling pain killers. As this might be a general problem for everyone, perhaps we could use this thread to alert our neighbours when an essential item is available somewhere? I am happy to pop out to buy the product as I must make essential trips (wearing a face scarf) so please let me know if anyone is selling paracetamol or aspirin. Thanks! 

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Hi Peter I am not sure which shops are selling pain relief but I have a couple of strips of paracetamol and ibuprofen at home - i can drop round to you later today? 

Also I’ve just walked down Green Lanes and a few of the smaller groceries have pain killers - there’s definitely lots for sale in Dostlar next to Yaalu Yaalu

Current advice seems to suggest exercising extreme caution with ibruprofen - 

Hi Hugh 

I have read this research and we have discussed it widely at work (I am in intensive care doctor). I would recommend not to use ibuprofen if someone has full blown flu but NSAIDs are very good for dental pain so it might be beneficial for that if you are otherwise well. 

Thank you, Nikki. That's really helpful.

All the best to you and your colleagues through what I'm sure is a very trying period for you all.

Thank you. And thanks for all the supportive groups and messages on this forum!

Thanks for the offer, I'll try the shops suggested below, first! I need to get out to do my allowed 'essential trips'. (I have no symptoms or contacts with any, I'm just being careful due to my age!).



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