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I've heard about the wonderful Zebra street art by TAG but I can't find it. Does anyone know which street it's on?

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The issues raised by John and Alan are valid points of discussion and those interested might value reading the following:



 Eine ( an urban artist ) says the public have moved on. “The whole world is covered in graffiti. No one cares. It’s just part of urban noise.”

Some people do care.

You can't generalise " the public "

I quite like the Zebra but I hate ROA's Hackney Rabbit. But if they were opposite my flat I would have no choice about viewing them.

Many thanks Hugh for adding these links. Maybe we'll get some further open-minded perspectives.

Though I must admit that my mind wants to slam shut when I read that Chicago Professor Winifred Curran thinks "art is an efficient way to bring cultural assets to a neighborhood that didn’t have any.”
I hope she was quoted out of context, because it reads as an ignorant condescending attitude to what constitutes "culture". Move along. No culture to see here. ... Yet. But we're sending in the graffiti artists. Now don't be churlish. Please say thank you.

John_D Please don't be disappointed when I say that I partially agree with Ben Eine's comment that "The whole world is covered in graffiti. No one cares. It’s just part of urban noise."
But perhaps Mr Eine should use his artistic sensitivities more carefully. Sherlock Holmes: "He sees, but apparently does not observe."
Yes, much of the world is covered in graffiti. With Images: large and small; well executed and crudely daubed; moving and still.
We are steeped, immersed and sometimes drowning in them. But some people have more power and opportunity to control, avoid and choose. To turn the noise down. Others who might like to choose aren't granted the privilege.
But John_D, you too may not have this privilege. So what to do when the artists begin painting on the walls across the street from your home? You could take advice from the articles Hugh has linked to. Tell yourself you're a lucky man because: Graffiti are "a bona fide art form, a legitimate force for economic, cultural and social good".
No? Still want to hide from the wonderful good you are offered?  Well, apparently that's your (and my) problem. Well, we can cover or tint our windows. Buy thicker curtains. Or borrow stupendous sums and move to somewhere with a great view of lakes or seas.
Or maybe invest in a company that's researching the commercial realisation of slow glass. Though even that won't do the trick when some "artists" work out how to spray the moon. The prescient poet eighty years ago: "Papa, what is the moon supposed to advertise?"



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