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You are invited to join a virtual live art piece (12 hours long!) by a local artist!


Monday, 21 September from 1pm-1am I'm going to be talking to anyone and everyone around the world on a 12-hour Zoom call.

Yup. For 12 hours I'll be completely present on the call, whether anyone is talking to me or not (so please talk to me!), and each 10 minute session will begin with me asking you "Where Are You Now?" 

After the success of the first "Where Are You Now? The Pandemic" I decided to make a series. I'll be doing this monthly until the end of the year. This month's theme is: Parents: Having them, being one, or NOT. 

We've all got a story to tell about where we are right now around each theme. Or where we've been. And people need to hear them.

I can't wait to see you and talk to you. (1pm-1am GMT+1 - that's Harringay time!)

Register here, it's free and takes 10 seconds >tinyurl.com/y6t6m2gv 

When was the last time someone gave you their undivided attention for 12 freaking hours? No phone, no social media, no Netflix- no distractions. 

How it Works:
  1. Your camera and microphone are off when you join so you can just be a voyeur and watch.
  2. When you are ready to participate (not mandatory but encouraged!) you click "Raise Hand" and you'll join the queue - if there is one.
  3. When it's your turn I will bring you live onto the call, your camera turns on and you'll have to "Unmute" yourself.
  4. Then we talk for 10 minutes about the monthly topic. A real conversation, undivided attention, just for you and your story. 

I can't wait to see everyone in Harringay on the call!

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