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Can I purchase visitors daily parking permit x 7 as mine has expired in Dec 2020.

Thank you.


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Hi Lee-naa, Glad someone can help you out.

Have a look Hugh's comment in this thread and get yours exchanged for valid ones. It appears the text on them is wrong and you can indeed exchange them if you contact the right person...


Thank you I will contact the council and see how if I can exchange the expired permits.

Nonetheless, I am still looking for vouchers to use this week.

That's really odd, when I replied someone else had already posted saying they had spare they could give you (I came in to the thread to say I had some, but saw their post). They must have deleted it. Anyway, I also have some spare if you want, drop me a message to arrange.

Thank you kindly Donna. I will send you a connect request.



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