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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Yes, actually in the park.

The Finsbury Park Track and Gym is run by a charity, the Finsbury Park Sports Partnership. This charity has spent the last 12 months reviewing and revitalising its systems and procedures and now wishes to appoint a General Manager.

The job is in two parts:

1) the business/strategic part

  • to develop the future plans of the track and gym,
  • to identify opportunities for grant funding and to submit aplications,
  • to handle all the correspondence and relationships  that go with running a business,
  • to seek out new clients
  • to foster and improve our relationship with the London Borough of Haringey, our landlord

. The business arm of the track is FPSP Ltd.  

2) to be a physical presence at the track, to check its condition and to put in place the necessary programme of repairs and refurbishments to make it an even finer place to hold sports events


To find out more take a look at this web page or send an email to FPSP2022@gmail.com

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Whoever gets the job, can you please get proper funding for pedal power - the disability cycling club. It's criminally underfunded by the council, and it all fall on Jo's back to get all the funding. 

The amount of money it must save services through improved help, yet the are the lowest priority when it comes to booking the track. 

I was at the track during the week doing a bit of practical work with Jo. We chatted about funding as we jacked lumber. 

Managing the track and gym is obviously important. But why not work out a way of having it open for 'out of hours' users? Having lived near FP for the last 30 years, i spent many of those happily running in the park, usually with several laps of the track, usually in the early morning. Then it was closed to all except paying users, within narrow hours - and I've never been in it since, although I run past it frequently, on the outside.

I for one would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for 'out of hours' use, as I'm sure others would too, which would both be a contribution to community wellbeing, AND a potential source of extra income for the Trust. All it needs is a 'smart lock', and a subscription scheme... Task for the new General Manager?  Ian Christie

All it needs is a 'smart lock', and a subscription scheme...   and a suitable insurance policy, and compliance with health and safety rules and a signed disclaimer against responsibility for injury. And all these problems have been overcome (or possibly ignored) in the operation of the tennis courts within the park. I feel sure a strong willed general manager could overcome the problems and open up the space much more.

Having said that, I was at the track this morning doing some 100m repetitions (they went very well, thank you for asking) alongside another group of sprinters, while in the building the gym had personal trainers at work, and the Mindful Movements yoga class in the meeting room. 

So the place is not completely deserted. 

This is our bookings page



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