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Would any ceramic artists be interested in selling their work in my houseplant shop (8 Feb onwards)?


I'm opening a pop-up houseplant shop on City Road in Angel, running from 8th Feb to 23rd Mar, and would like to find some ceramic artists interested in stocking their pots with us in exchange for a commission on sales.

We are selling a basic/functional range of pots on the website at the moment (jamieshouseplants.co.uk)  but intend to add more decorative and unusual designs in store and online from ceramic artists.

It's a smart-looking shop (a former estate agents).

Please let me know if you are interested or know an artist who might be.


Jamie's Houseplants 



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Hey Jamie, I own a coffee shop in N4 and have had quite a few ceramisists exhibit at my shop. A few you could try and contact: Maria Cabrerra, Rosamond Coady. Also, get in touch with Crouch End Open Studios - they have a lot of artist contacts in the neighbourhood. 

Thanks Matt! I'll get in touch with them. 

no but have some original abstract art if you have space? sharon

Hello Jamie,

I have some pots to sell. If you' like to see them please contact me if you are interested .



Hi Jo I've sent you a connection request. Do you have any pots, as opposed to vases? Thanks, Jamie

Hello Jamie,

If you mean pots that will hold plants,no.

They are mostly hand coiled, burnished and smoke fired pots.

In that sense they are more decorative than functional.

Perhaps not what you are looking for?


Hello, Jamie, 

I make decorative bowls and dishes. I was wondering if you were looking for plant pots in particular. I have a few and can make more if there is a demand for them. 

My instagram ram account is fiona_mcelroy - as well as seeing some examples of my work there, there is a link to my website, which I am still developing.

Do get in touch if my work is of interest to you!

With best wishes




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