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Hi, I found a wormery on the street and am looking for materials so that I can put it to use, if anyone has wormery worms or neutralising worm feed I can get, that would be most helpful!. thanks Olivia

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i have loads of worms in my wormery and happy to share :-)  Nick

Hi Nick, that's really kind of you. I have worms in my compost bin, but as I understand it they are different worms, and I cannot just use the composting worms because they are a variety like earthworms. pls let me know where you live and when suits you and I can come worm fishing. you can reach me on 07870124909. 

Hello Olivia - i just checked on my worms and there seems to have been a mass die-in and i've only got a few left :-(  it's happened a couple of times before and they usually recover, but i don't seem to have any to spare at the moment.  really sorry! Nick

No worries!! A mass die in!! V. Dramatic. Love it!



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