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Hi, I went to this school during the Second World War, then onto South Grove.

I lived on the corner of Roseberry Gardens with my parents, Ted & Lou plus two brothers, George & Len.

Does anyone remember us?

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There is a Facebook group « Tottenham’s hidden history », you might find an answer there.

I have a friend who use to live in Rosebery Gardens, named Brian Wilkinson. He had a younger sister and brother, we still keep in touch after about 78 years. I live in Australia ( moved here in 1964 ) have been back to UK 5 times since and I’m sorry to say “ the old England I left then is a hell of a lot worse off now “        Eddie

Hi Eddie, yes if only we could bring back the England we used to know, we are in such a mess now!!. Is Brian`s brother called Christopher, who had webbed toes? I used to be friends with that family. I lived on the corner above the shops, it`s called Grand Parade. Did you go to Woodlands Park school? All the best, Maureen

I used to go to Woodlands Park (56-60) then onto South Grove Sec Mod.(60-64).

Wilkinson rings a bell but can't think of Christian name.........maybe Peter ?

My older Brother emigrated in 62 and remained there.  I've visited 3 times and loved it.

Good on ya Retired.

I had a friend called Delia Hobbs who lived at 91 Roseberry Gardens. She became Delia Denman in 1974 and moved to Sandy in Bedfordshire.


I went to Woodlands Park School 1951-1955.  The headmaster was Mr. Podd - is that correct? - and the teachers were Mr.Rowe who was the football teacher, Mr. Beresford who went to teach at a school Southgate way, Mr. Lunney who I saw for many years after I left Woodlands, and My favourite, Mr. Hobson, who I've been told or heard somewhere committed suicide over a woman.  Does anyone know about this?  I lived at 5a Grand Parade and hello Eddie Constable who was our upstairs neighbour.  My best friend was Andrew Wilson who now lives in Sydney and I keep in touch with him by email.  Also Steve Sicheri and David ? were my mates.

Brian..........I have only just found your comment of Nov 7, 21.   I can't recall name of head master, I started the year after you left 56-60. but a Mr Rowe rings a bell and most definitely Mr Lunney.  Very smart upright man as I recall with a good walking pace on him, wonderful deep singing voice which was always above any other in assemblies, he also played piano, thumping out morning hymn etc.  I can't remember what subjects he taught though.  I too saw him strutting around the area long after my time at Woodlands.

Hi Brian, yes I can vaguely remember you and your when you both lived at 5a Grand Parade. November the 5th 1953 I went in the Army for my National Service, I’m sorry I never really got to know you both but may be you will remember me  moved back to 5c in March 1960, with three children ( 2 were mine and the other was another man’s child, though I treated him as my own ) This was why a had to move back to 5c because my so called wife has taken off with an other man and left me with 3 kids to bring up on my own. At the time I thought my World had Crashed but after a few Months I realised she had done me a Great Favour. Maybe you can remember that I had come back .?  simply because there was suddenly a load of Children running up and down the stairs and playing outside in the back yard ,.?.? Or maybe you can remember suddenly there was no more children or Adults upstairs ( Nov 1964 bound for Australia ) something my first wife was against. So you can now see how lucky I was.



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