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We'd like unwanted wooden pallets to build some raised beds at St Ann's Church.  Really happy to collect.


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Hi Elizabeth,

We have one. I'll send you a message or  connection request.


Yes please!!  That would be amazing!  I'll make sure the vicar knows, but they'll be very welcome, thank you.  That's really kind!  Would you be happy to leave them down the side of the church hall (between the hall and church), please?  Thanks!

@ what time? I have time all day to day.If you find any more I'll be happy to collect some for you.

This is so kind.  I'd love you too! Any time today would be fine.  I've just you a connection request.

I was intending to pick up these:

One on Conningsbury Rd N4 (outside the first house on the right if you enter from Endymion Road).

From THL Plumbing and Bathrooms on Hornsey Road

One from a skip on Seymour Road

And one other which I could message you the address for.

One on Conningsbury Rd N4 was not there.

Seymour road found and I found one in another skip 2 from my garden were all left at the church.I didn't go to Hornsey road.

Hope this helped you out.



Honestly, this is so kind! Thank you!!

we have a pallet you can have.

we are on Duckett Road.

Thank you so much!  I'll be in touch!  Is it just outside?  How could I best collect it?

It's in our back garden at the moment but I can leave it out front for you for collection?

I don't.  Thanks very much for the tip!  :-)



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