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Does anybody know where I can get some wooden pallets or have any I can have? Thanks!

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Until 12th July and 15th August there were thousands neatly stacked in Belfast's flag-bedecked pyres but they've all gone up in smoke. Just missed them.

I have one you can have -- in case you are happy picking them up individually

If you can't find any in the immediate area, there's a pallet yard in Edmonton on Second Avenue (off Montague Rd) N18 2PG and they'll sell you one for a couple of quid. It's next to our brewery - very handy!!!

I’ve got one in the front garden you’d be welcome to, over towards Tottenham though. 

Tom ... Falkland Rd N8. I have 1 small, 2 standard size and 2 long pallets, about 3.5 x 9ft. I'll check back here later today to see if you're interested. Pick them up Sunday. They'll go in skips next week otherwise.

Hi! I tried to message you directly. Am certainly interested still.

I've now connected and msged you

I've got one that some tiles were delivered on the other day - you're welcome to it if you want. We're off of Phillip Lane.

Hello I Might have one fore you  just checking with my team first.  (I'm on Hewitt Road )

Thanks everyone!



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