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Does anybody know about a protest/riot down wood green today just been seeing videos off it on Facebook

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"Never any bother", are you serious ?

The last time I walked past them on a Saturday afternoon with my 3 year old son one of them was shouting through a megaphone "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them, make war on the kaffirs living in your neighborhood"

The time before that it was "The homosexuals will burn in a beautiful fire"

Do you think these are acceptable things for shoppers with young children to hear on a busy high street on a Saturday afternoon ?

Whoa Pete, wind your neck in mate. I was just remarking that they have been a regular fixture there in ' speakers corner' for decades and there have been no other major confrontations that I'm aware of. I've never personally heard them using the phrases you have described but then I go into sensory shut down in Wood Green. if I'd heard what you heard I'd report it to the Police. Did you? Of course I don't condone any sort of hate Speech at all.

That's awful! And possibly illegal?

I've long had great sympathy for Kurdish cause; I await more details of what happened.

Carla, I'm sure many of them would love to go and fight ISIS for us but are prevented from doing so by our government. International Brigades anyone?

Careful you will get another harassment warning.

they should..'go home and not ruin our country'?

does Harringay online not have a moderator to monitor and remove racist comments like that?

Hugh/ Liz? is this sort of language acceptable on here now?

i hope not, or i'm off for good!

I think I worded everything wrong I didn't mean to offend anybody, I'm not English myself or my family, most countries have conflict and war and people have come here to get away from it and be save. So by not getting along with others it's going to cause trouble and violence here.
Sorry if it came over wrong

I understand your frustration. I have seen this group and talked with them about their beliefs three times. I am beginning to understand what they are about. In response to my question of whether it's ok to shoot a girl for going to school (around the time of the Milala shooting) I was told that in there eyes she was not a girl - suggesting justification on a technicality. In response to my question of whether they believe in the execution of homosexuals I was given a categorical 'yes'. They are preaching hatred. If we are to be concerned with political correctness then we might start there.   

One question I have is about the timing of this Islamic literature stall. I mean it was Kurdish New Year, a regular established holiday. Are we meant to believe those setting up this stall had no idea or thought this a good idea? Sounds implausible to me.

I would also like to tell you about an experience I've never forgotten dating from over a decade ago, maybe even more like 15 years ago, walking down Wood Street High Street and being chilled to the bone - stopped in my tracks - to hear a man on a loudspeaker at just such an Islamic literature stall saying 'we're going to come kill your women and we're going to come kill your children'. Not that it should make any difference but he was addressing the Jews not the Israelis.

Normally, a New Yorker originally I'm the kind of person to speak out but I was frozen. After all I'm a woman, American and Jewish to boot, which is three strikes against me. The other thing that really scared me was how nobody else said anything either, just walked on by, carrying on with their shopping.

The islamic lit stall is there every saturday. Choudry isn't...
Some Kurds were hacked with perceived ISIS propagandists. Had to happen.



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