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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just in case anyone's interested, I just turned on the Robert Elms programme and they're doing a special on Wood Green at the moment. They're talking about Shopping City now...

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Missed it, what did they say ?

It's still on – I think it's the whole hour – though they seem to have gone on to something about Peckham Lido in between. They talked to the manager of the shopping centre about how it was built and what was there before, and the IRA bomb. There's supposed to be something about the Chocolate Factory, and theoretically people ringing in.

It was great hearing about Wood Green in the 40s.

Here's the recorded show, we're on at 01:39:37


Thanks for sharing, pretty interesting.

Maxwell Hutchinson, the architect, was also on as he is nearly every Tuesday. He said that Haringey Council commissioned him in the early 1990s to produce a report giving reasons as to why Alexandra Palace should not become a listed building. The report went to Michael Heseltine who was running the Department of the Environment at the time: Heseltine had not seen Alexandra Palace, so he visited it - and promptly had it listed. Hutchinson also said the idea of a cable car from Wood Green to the Palace was his.

They commissioned him to show why it should NOT be listed ?

Now why does that not surprise me ?

Not sure about cable car but a zipwire would be quite an attraction, very cheap to put up and an endless cash cow ...

Especially if you could attract the recent Mayor of London onto it.....

Where is the veggie Indian they mention at the end ?

I assumed he meant Jai Shri Krishna on Turnpike lane?

I would have chosen Paramount next to Wood Green tube.



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