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This had gone unnoticed by me so far - at Deniz Off-licence, 461 Green Lanes


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The main chap that runs that shop is lovely. They all are, but the older of the two is a very kind gent. 

Oh, and yes - those tiles are wonderful! Iv'e been wracking my mind, trying to remember what was there when I was a kid, but it's gone from my memory. The internet cafe, further along used to be a clothes shop called Jamiesons. "Clothing prices to make you smile" - I guess it was the Primark of the 70's! There was a Chemist along that stretch too, but I can't remember if it was this shop or the next along... 

I think this was the 'Egg Lady's' shop, that's what we used to call her as children back in the early 1970's.  As I recall she only sold eggs, and would get up very early to check each egg was fresh by shining a torch onto it. ( I think the process is called 'Candling')

She had white hair which was always tied back in a tight bun, and wore a white apron or white shop coat. She looked fabulous.  I think she was either from Poland or Germany (I'll have to ask my Mum).

I remember Jameson too, (the shop front was built inwards so we could shelter there if it started raining whilst waiting for the 171bus to take us to school. But then they would start to pull out circular clothing rails and you had to get out of the way! 

However, I can't remember what the next two shops beside it were. I'm pretty sure the chemist was next to Lynbo where the newsagents is now, with the flower shop the other side of the hairdresser and the motorbike showroom at the bottom of Duckett Road.

Until about 10 years ago, one of the shops near here had superb embossed tiles from the floor to the ceiling on both walls right through the shop. Shopfront/wndow was recessed? and the brown ? tiles came right out to the pavement. Could these "old fashioned " wall tiles have been covered by boarding & plaster ?  I think the shop then became a Club-cafe.  Could it even be this very same shop? The floor is a great survivor     Well Spotted !

The egg lady was German and used to attend St Augustine's church in Mattison Road.

Going right back there used to be a GUNNERS butchers  and JOLLEYS deli type shop  and thanks to   Jackruby  for recalling the egg lady along that parade

I remember both the names Gunners and Jolleys.  Jolleys I remember going into with my mum.  I wonder if we know each other - we seem to go back a long way?

I went to north harringay school and lived in Frobisher 1941/1954.

I remember all these shops from the 50's - GUNNERS, JOLLEYS and the Egg Shop.  We also had United Dairies which was also tiled out but that would have been between Alison Road and Hewitt.

That looks like the flooring in the grocery shop I previously mentioned: they had open barrels of dried fruits in the middle of the shop.



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