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This postcard shows the North Middlesex Cricket Club in Crouch End before and after a devastating fire on 7 June 1913. The fire was believed to have been set by suffragettes protesting for the right of women to vote. A woman's hat was found at the scene and several other sports clubs were set alight by suffragettes during this period.

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Have you come across any info on Suffragettes in Haringey? Am trying to find out as its the centenary this year of the first women to be given the vote.

Nothing Much that I can think of. Liz posted this some time ago which recorded a visit to Harringay by Sylvia Pankhurst.

I've nothing very meaty, but these snippets from various papers suggest there was plenty of activity hereabouts (publication name and dates in filenames - if you use any, a credit for HoL always welcome).

We start in 1907 with a report in the Irish Times of an incident at Ally Pally:

The 1912 from the Shoreditch Observer:

Tha Daily Herald in 1913:

A Series of pieces from The Suffragette in 1913 and 1914

Here's a sample cover of The Suffragette from 1913:

You could try Hornsey Historical Society and Bruce Castle.



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