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Has anyone experienced Winkworths “to let”or any estate agents signs going up after the property has been let? Seems pointless yet really intrusive and damaging.

Heard a massive bang outside this morning and noticed a sign go up. On further inspection it was just one nail but right into the brickwork, not tied to anything as expected. I rang Winkworth to ask if the flat was to let again and they said no that it went over one month ago. They said it just went up for advertising purposes.

Can they do this? How long can it say up for? Who removes it and who repairs the damage to the brickwork?


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The law is clear, any board should be removed within 14 days after the completion of a sale or the grant of a tenancy.

As I understand how things work, agents sub-contract the job of erecting and taking down signs. To the best of my knowledge Winkworth is a well run agency acutely aware of the need to retain a good reputation and support the community. My guess would be that it is the contractors who've gone rogue. Why not try calling to speak with one of the directors, or email them. I'm surprised to learn of the glib response you got from whoever you spoke to.

If you get no joy from the directors, which I strongly suspect will not be the case, you can report an infringement at 

Planning Enforcement Team
Level 6, River Park House
225 High Road
Wood Green
N22 7HQ

Tel 020 8489 5504

Thanks Hugh this is really helpful. 



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