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Wightman Road has been open again following the bridge road for a week or so now.  How are people finding things? Is there less congestion on Green Lanes and Turnpike Lake and indeed the ladder roads?

For now there is far less traffic using Wightman Road which is good, as recent discussions have suggested, some traffic simply disappears and many find alternative routes which they find better - that said I suspect it is just a matter of time before it returns to pre-closure levels.

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Peace no more.  Hampden Rd is returned to a its noisy past - not just cars driving way too fast but for some reason a lot more irritating high-pitched scooters and motorbikes, which wouldn't have been effected by the closure. Really hope Haringey can find a good compromise that balances traffic calming and the needs of car owners.

From Hornsey High Street to Turnpike Lane or Manor House: wow, much better!
While the works were going on I had given up going East of the borough in the afternoons...

I'm finding things to be really great. The traffic on my ladder has increased but my guess is that the volume of traffic is half what is used to be. My bus journey (particularly on the home leg) is definitely quicker and I no longer suffer the daily panic of whether I'll get home in time to pick my son up from after school club on time. I wish I could charge Tfl for my late pick up fees over the 5 months of the closure. It shouldn't take over an hour to travel 3 miles by bus, but during the closure it often did. The Sunday traffic on Green Lanes also seems to have significantly reduced. All is good. In my view (which will no doubt be shot down in flames) it proves the decision to reopen Wightman Road was always the right one.

Burgoyne Road's traffic levels aren't far off what they used to be. In the morning and evening rush-hours there's a steady stream of vehicles thundering down our road again. And, yes, the traffic on Wightman is dangerously fast, but so is the traffic on our road. On the very first day after the reopening I felt obliged to bellow at some idiot hurtling down the road at about 40mph. (I used to mouth abuse at speeding drivers when I was with my children, but I realised that at the speed they were going they'd only see me mouth, "SLOW-DOWN-YOU-" and miss the crucial last syllable of my message.)

Yes, noticeably less traffic than before on Wightman and seemingly the surrounding roads but can already see it beginning to increase and the same aggressive speeding behaviour as before plus HGVs that clearly break the tonnage limit. Good to see more cyclists using Wightman though I still don't feel it's safe. Pavements are still a disgrace. Very disappointed that the Council has missed a golden opportunity to make improvements on a long-neglected road with many poor residents, the majority of whom do not own cars.



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