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I stood for several minutes at the junction of Wightman and Fairfax this afternoon by Fairland Park - a flat top speed table has been installed by the pedestrian controlled crossing.

The effect was quite amazing - drivers were slowing down and the normal aggression that is so commonplace on Wightman Road and such a blight for all residents and road users (particularly pedestrians and cyclists) had been greatly reduced.

Traffic speeds and consequently noise levels were much lower.

Well done to everyone who has campaigned on this issue.

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Yes, Adam, I'm sure there's greater calm around the new speed tables themselves than in some recent discussion threads about 'speed bumps'!
It's certainly noticeable around the new table at Pemberton - though the slowing down there may be encouraged by the new build-outs at this uncontrolled crossing. A combination of narrowing, visible bollards and raised table - though without the traffic lights we'd asked for. Or maybe it's just because the new road surfacing runs out at that point.
I noticed that the traffic seemed very slow too this morning, even though they don't have any white signage on the road. I was going to post it tin the other thread but I feel I might upset to pro speeders : )
O happy days (said with cyclist and driver hats on)! Great news.
Adam is correct. And heartfelt thanks to all those who supported the campaign, especially the Councillors who were on this from the start and those who were supportive even though they would not benefit directly. And a note to those who - for sensible and understandable reasons - dislike these sort of traffic calming measures; I really hope their fears are not realised and that they will perceive the benefits as clearly as Adam has described them.
I'm greatly in favour of any traffic calming measures along Wightman Road, including speed bumps, as I often feel like I'm taking my life in my hands everytime I cross the road or try and pull out in the car from one of the ladder roads. However I wonder if more needs to be done to make it clear to drivers that it is a residential area and not a motorway. I was on Wightman road in the early hours of Saturday morning and I was horrified to see a Royal Mail lorry hurtling along at at least 40 miles per hour!!!
Did you perhaps, by any chance, get the registration number of this vehicle?
No I didn't get a chance -it was moving too fast!
OK, I understand. Next time, just go for the last three letters. Those and the fact that it's a local postal van should be plenty.
No ramp on Alroy Road yet which was proposed. Any idea on when this might happen? Or have they ran out of money?



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