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We are on a Ladder road and have a fair bit of traffic on an average day, including heavier vehicles like vans and Lorries. This has been improved by Wightman Closure.

I think the situation is going to be very difficult to resolve as closing Wightman has increased traffic on Green Lanes and Endymion. However, air pollution is a national issue and it can't just land on the Green Lanes population's doorstep. This issue is very serious and needs to be addressed in this area asap.

The statistic that a lot of the Wightman traffic comes from further away than this area should be an issue that is focusses on. It is bound to be the same on Green Lanes too.

Maybe the only way that it could be fairly sorted is for there to be a congestion zone round here? People on Wightman and the Ladder have discovered how joyful it is to live here or near here with much decreased traffic.. Air pollution levels went down noticeabley even in the first 24 hours of closure and it is not scary to walk small children along it or crossing the road at the traffic lights.

Being a Ladder-ite, I would love our roads to be blocked off and also Wightman, but I think this could only be done if the remaining traffic situation was dramatically re-thought. Congestion zone, especially for traffic using our home as an easy commute; bus lanes; time limited parking not in the rush hour, TRAMS. More trains going into London. (I always have stuff to carry to work and I can't get on the train most of the time!). Encouragement to get many people to use Wightman Road if closed to cycle. I gave up cycling a few years ago as I was worried about the traffic in this area, but I have been desperate to get back on a bike. Parking limits at the Harringay Superatores?

Dramatic changes have to made.. Now!

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