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Whittington/Bounds Green Road -3G appeal to the National Planning Inspectorate against Haringey Planning's two rejections of its proposal for an 18 metre mast.

If you wish to comment on the Appeal for the telecom mast, you must do so by 16 March.

Any comments you made before will be taken into account, but you can also make representation to the Inspector.

Go online to https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/  and then either Sign in if you have been there before, or Register. Quite simple. The Appeal number to quote is 3266419

My own hapeth worth below:

This ugly gargantuan intrusion on a public space has already been twice rejected by the council. It will restrict driver's visibility on a tight already congested corner of the Bounds Green Road. The sheer scale of the installation will have a negative impact on the quality of life of local residents. There are plenty of industrial areas where this could be sited less obtrusively (the area around the Bounds Green railway depot for one). However, the appellant is seeking to avoid the costs involved by targeting local public spaces as a cheaper option.

A second identical proposal is on the verge of being rejected for a second time by the council (sited a few hundred yards south on the junction of Nightingale/Bounds Green Roads). Doubtless the war of attrition on the quality of life of local people will continue with a further appeal to the National Planning Inspectorate. I urge the inspectorate to reject this appeal.

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