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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Approx 26 white tiles and 2 black tiles

Free to collect from Philip Lane N15

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Hi Rob, I'd  like these please. Have sent a connection  request. 

That's great. I will contact you.

These are still available. Any takers?


If you have time, can you show what the white tiles look like, and possibly confirm their size.

Kindest Regards,


Metro ties are 150mm x 75 mm rectangular. The ones I have now have a sloping bevel edge. Google Mtro tile



Thank you for your speedy reply, and for confirming.

Apologies, but the size is not really appropriate for my project circumstances.

Sorry for the wasted effort in replying.

Kindest Regards,



Not a problem at all. I also have some other tils listed on here. Some large whit, square cream and black metro. All going free before I take them to the tip


Thanks for confirming. I am looking for large square kitchen tiles.

The metro dimensions are oblong unfortunately.

Hopefully someone will be able to get the offer before they are thrown away.




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